PREORDER: The Israeli Black Panthers Haggadah

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The Israeli Black Panthers Haggadah will be a completely bilingual (Hebrew-English) book and includes an introduction from Reuven Abergel and other essays that reflect on the Israeli Black Panthers and the Haggadah text. It will also include powerful archival images of the Panthers and their activism.

The Israeli Black Panthers Haggadah was first written in 1971, at the beginning of their movement. It was written in a dark tin shack in Jerusalem on a stolen typewriter. A year later, a fire destroyed most of the Israeli Black Panthers' archives, including the Haggadah. It was thought lost for some 40 years until a rabbi who collected Haggadot reached out to Reuven Abergel with a copy.

Translator Itamar Haritan worked closely with Abergel to translate the Haggadah into English in 2017 and has updated parts of it since then with his help.

Preorder now! Expected in early 2022. All profits from sales after printing and production will be going directly to Reuven Abergel.